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Kim Jordan is a sociologist, dancer and choreographer from the USA (BA in Sociology & Dance from UNLV 2005). Originally from Seattle, E.E.U.U. her innate curiosity and hunger to seek out unique languages of dance has led her to explore over 5 continents in pursuit of new expression. Kim believes we can learn a lot about a culture by observing how their people move.

Since witnessing the magical transformation her body underwent creating a life inside of her and birthing one, she has become especially fascinated with how the joints of our core and pelvis connect, understanding the articulations originating from them and exploring the power within this essential area of our anatomy. Kim believes that we are very lucky to be able to express ourselves through dance and engaging in more forms of artistic exploration helps us learn more about life's truths.

As a choreographer, Kim has worked on commercials for clients including Heineken, Nike, Quick, MTV, Bud Light, Just Dance, etc. As a movement coach, her signature Masters Dance Workshops have been hosted across North America and Europe in Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, Italy, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Scotland, and the United States. Currently there are over 50 certified instructors teaching Kim’s signature Booty Dance method throughout Europe, Asia and the US.

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Kim Jordan Creations has many missions: to teach movement within its correct context always conscious of the origins. To reconnect the mind and body, especially the areas considered dark and dangerous like the female pelvis. And to celebrate yourself, sharing a love of movement with the community.