Here you find the dance and fitness professionals who took the certification course with Kim Jordan Creations, were assessed, received a positive evaluation and hold a license to perform under KJC method and philosophy.



An Chi Colombia.jpg

Ana Chinchilla -  Cali, Colombia

25 Noviembre a 15 Diciembre 2017: Martes & Jueves 1830-20h

Intensivo/Master Class 25 Noviembre 9-11h

Studio: D'Corpus Spa

Lorena Martínez - Barcelona, España


Centre Civic Drassanes Los Lunes 1130h-1330h (Grupo Principiante)

Salsabana Los Viernes 1930h-2030h 

Espai Jove Garcilaso Los Viernes 16-19h (Teórico & Práctico)

Dance Me Castelldefels Los Sábados 1230-1330h (Básico)


  • Barcelona, Spain

Teaching Languages:

  • Spanish
  • Catalan

Clases para adolescentes, pedagogía con enfoque feminista.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/lmartinezliebanas

Instagram: lfordance 

Sarah Zengerling - Germany

Sarah Zengerling

For information about classes with Sarah email: info@t-tanzstueck.de.


06/2015 - Certified Pole Dance and Fitness Instructor for Beginners
10/2015 - Certified Booty Dance Instructor (Kim Jordan)

 Sarah and her students pose after kicking off a Kim Jordan Creations Booty Dance Class in January 2016 (Photo by Sarah Zengerling)

Sarah and her students pose after kicking off a Kim Jordan Creations Booty Dance Class in January 2016 (Photo by Sarah Zengerling)



T-Tanzstück On Facebook


Braunschweig, Germany
Wolfsburg, Germany

Teaching Languages: 

Mostly German and English every now and then.

A Note from Sarah:

"The great thing about teaching booty dance classes are the reactions of the students like happiness, power, self esteem. Also, it's a pleasure to create classes and choreographies based on all the great information. It's a pleasure to work with it as it is the full package of all you need to know."


Becky - Berlin, Germany


For information about classes with Becky, visit Schönheitstanz Studio Berlin or Schönheitstanz Studio Berlin On Facebook

Becky took several classes in salsa, ballet, belly dance and hip hop/ street dance in the past.

In 2009 she started pole dancing at Schönheitstanz-Studio Berlin and took some burlesque classes when there was time. 

In 2014 she started teaching pole dance, as well as lap dance and striptease.

In September 2015 Becky became a Kim Jordan Creations certified instructor.


Schönheitstanz Studio Berlin Mondays 1630h-1730h All Levels

Upcoming Beginner Classes

Sunday, October 29th 14h-15h

Saturday, November 18th 12h-13h


  • Berlin, Germany

Teaching Languages:

  • German
  • English

A Note from Becky: 

"I fell in love with Kim when she visited our studio for the very first time. She is a great instructor and is inspiring me a lot.

Booty dance is so much fun, gives you self confidence and is about celebrating your body and your femininity. On top of that it is a great workout.

Kim's class structures fits everybody from male to female, from beginner to advanced. She always takes care that nobody get's any physical health problems and makes sure that we know the roots of the dance styles we are dancing.. All that is what I want to give to my students as well."

Meri Ortiz - Barcelona, España


Piscines Sant Carles


  • Barcelona, Spain

Teaching Languages:

  • Spanish
  • Catalan

A.E.M.A.- Barcelona. Certificado de Instructora de Funk y Hip-Hop. Celebrado en el
gimnasio S-TUIDO. Expedido el 21 de febrero de 2004.
ORTHOS certificado: Escuela de danza. Monitora de Funk y Hip-Hop. Expedido en
Barcelona el día 3 de noviembre de 2005. Acreditada por haber superado las pruebas del
curso habiendo obtenido la calificación final de sobresaliente.
Esport 3. Certificado de asistencia al curso de formación Pilates Básico y Batuka, el día
25 de marzo de 2006.
ZUMBA Fitness. Instructora oficial de Zumba Fitness, 24 mayo 2014.
Asistiendo actualmente a clases de clásico, moderno, salsa cubana, Hip-hop y New
Bachillerato científico. Selectividad aprobada en 2004.
Estudios universitarios: magisterio con especialidad en educación física.


Hip hop, Zumba, Aero-Latino & Booty Dance.


Noviembre 2014 en Barcelona


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/meri.ortiz

Victoria Moseguí - Tarragona, España


Atma Tarragona Associació Los Lunes 21h-22h

Sport Gym Tarragona

Gym Express Tarragona


  • Tarragona, Spain

Teaching Languages:

  • Spanish
  • Catalan


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/victoriamoseguimolinera

Instagram: victoriamomo666

Morgan Trewin




Morgan Trewin -  Seattle, Washington USA


Divine Movement Eastside

Sundays 5pm-6:30pm

Location:  Kirkland, Washington

Teaching Languages: English

Social Media:

Web: http://morgantrewindance.weebly.com/

Instagram: andromeda_pole