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December 2018

8 & 9 December BERLIN Schonheitstanz Studio
Booty Dance & Twerk Workshops

15 December 17:30-19:30 BARCELONA
Intensivo Booty Dance - CC Drassanes

16 December 11-14h BARCELONA Amantis
Viaje Al Centro del Placer con Maria Cabral

16 December TV3 BARCELONA
Dansa Amb Sentit TV3

Kim's interview on national TV here in Spain! Have a listen as Kim & colleague Maria Cabral discuss their project  "Journey to the Center of Pleasure" where they mix sexual education with corporal movement encouraging women to discover their own body awareness (especially the areas considered dark and dangerous like the female pelvis) to empower themselves and "resist from a place of pleasure." For them, feminism is not about renouncing their sexuality but being the proper agents of it: a role we've never really been allowed to play as women.

Reportatge: Viatge al centre del plaer

Fa uns anys, Miley Cirus ens va fer conèixer el "twerking", un tipus de dansa que ve, però, de molt abans que Miley Cirus nasqués. "Twerking", "perreo", "booty dance"... moure's de cintura en avall. Però aquest tipus de dansa està carregada de connotacions no del tot encertades .

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Supporting Catalunya's right to vote and defending democracy in the best way possible: WITH DANCE!!

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The Original To Twerk Is Not A Crime

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Kim is based in Barcelona, Spain and teaches regularly from Monday to Thursday. On the weekends she instructs workshops, teacher trainings and theory courses locally and abroad as a travelling guest instructor. She also acts as guest performer and judge for competitions and conventions throughout Europe. Every summer she embarks on a US Tour and returns to her hometown of Seattle. As a choreographer, Kim regularly collaborates with production companies in tv commercials for well-known brands including Nike, Heineken, Just Dance and many more. You also don't want to miss the Female Sexuality courses she teaches alongside sexologist Maria Cabral, nor the Booty Riots parties hosted monthly where Kim & her Booty Ambassadors always give an exciting performance! If you'd like to book Kim or simply be in-the-know about all our activities, feel free to contact us at :

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Class Schedule

Freestyle with the one and only Big Freedia, and Irie Queen, in Spanish Bounce Shake Down, March 11th 2017, Madrid.

Masters Dance Workshops

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Student Feedback

"Kim was so welcoming and approachable. She has real enthusiasm for dance and her workshops and she's really inspiring. I enjoyed the body isolation most - I love to do this at home and now I have some extra positions to work on." Lynseyanne, Glasgow


“Gracias por defender a las mujeres y la cultura del baile y espero hacer más clases.” ~Alba, Barcelona


“The whole thing was AMAZING! The history at the beginning was a really good idea. The best point is the way how Kim structured the whole workshop: warm up, booty dance, twerk, isolations and stretching. Everything was perfectly combined together.” ~Justyna, London

"Me atreví a bailar Booty Dance gracias a Kim Jordan que también es socióloga especializada en culturas y racismo, además de feminista; y pensé: ¡este es el twerk que quiero hacer! Me gusta porque tiene principios, te explica los orígenes del movimiento y te cuestiona el motivo por el cual lo bailas." Las Vvitch

Kim's Feature in Pole Art Magazine Germany

Just Dance: Kim did it

As a choreographer, Kim has collaborated with many brands such as Heineken, Nike and Bud Light. Follow this link to see more!

Congrats to our newest certified instructors: Krizia & Marta!

 Spreading the love of Booty with context and safety!

Spreading the love of Booty with context and safety!

Krizia is finishing her doctorate degree in Anthropology & Gender Studies while teaching affective-sexual education workshops to adolescents. She also has a background in movement and has been a Booty Dance student of ours for 2 years. She plans to use her certification to incorporate techniques with context into her current workshops and also start teaching our standard KJC beginner Booty Dance classes

 Marta has her own dance and performance company and teaches Belly Dance, Sexuality in Movement as well as the Laxmi Method: a prenatal and postnatal movement method combining pilates, pelvic floor exercise & musical therapy with anatomical and physiological theory for mama wellness. She plans to use her certification to start instructing the KJC Booty Dance classes and help others empower themselves with context and a cultural understanding of this movement style.

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