Past TTC Courses

Sept. 26-27th, 2015 Schonheitstanz Studio BERLIN, GERMANY

Oct. 25-26th, 2015 Sky Pole Studios CHEMNITZ, GERMANY

Nov 21-22nd, 2015 BARCELONA, SPAIN

Dec 5-6th, 2015 Pole Poetics VIENNA, AUSTRIA

Feb. 27-28th, 2016 BARCELONA, SPAIN

April 23-24th, 2016 GLASGOW, SCOTLAND

May 28-29th, 2016 BARCELONA, SPAIN

June 4-5th, 2016 Purple Pole Studio FALKENBERG, SWEDEN

Aug 21-22nd, 2016 Divine Movement SEATTLE, USA

October 1-2nd, 2016 BARCELONA, SPAIN

Nov. 5-6th, 2016 Tanzstudio Redlightdance BERLIN, GERMANY

Feb 11-12th, 2017 Sweet Life Pole VASTERAS, SWEDEN

Feb. 18-19th, 2017 BARCELONA, SPAIN

Aug 19-20th, 2017 SEATTLE, USA

Oct.28-29th, 2017 BARCELONA, SPAIN


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